Residential Security for Your Home

Residential Security for Your Home

It is becoming more and more important to consider residential security for your home. The modern technology that has made life easier is also making it easier to protect property even if you are away from your residence. With people working longer hours and further from home, many people are hesitant to leave children and pets home alone or with a nanny while they’re working. Thanks to the advances of home security, it is now easy to monitor home as well as work from a distance. This has provided a great peace of mind to many home owners.

With so many drugs and the rise in teenage drinking another application of home security has improved the comfort of parents. While it isn’t recommended to spy on family, sometimes it simple comes down to life or death issues. It is not too dramatic to say that one well placed camera could possibly save your teenager’s life.

Short video about residential security systems

It is easier than ever to know with a simple click a button to see what is going on at home when you’re away. You can readily check on family as well as the employee’s, pets or even the nanny with the simple click of a button. Small security surveillance cameras have opened the door to all sorts of possibilities to secure your home or workplace.

Many people find themselves in the situation of providing care for two generations (their children and a spouse’s elderly parents). The new surveillance devices and methods of monitoring can be life saving, especially if dealing with a rebellious teen or a parent who has chronic ailments.

For a long time crime prevention was the main reason to install residential security systems . To advertise this enhanced protection in a home or a commercial enterprise, it is very common to see signage on a wall or in a gate clearly announcing the presence of security cameras or the monitoring company.

There are many affordable security cameras on the market today. They are available as DIY systems in electrical stores or you can go to a specialist Auckland residential security company. They will install, test and commission your devices so you know they are working properly. After all, what is the point of having a security system if it is not working correctly?

Residential security systems

Residential security systems – image safechoicesecurity

Install your home security system and monitor the different situations in your life.
It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A home security system is as good as the user. So learn how to install it properly and use it to your advantage for the very best possible results.

There are many great other options available such as medical alerts or panic buttons. If someone is infirm you can set the sensors to alert you if they are on the move. You can set up the monitor so that if they set foot out the door the alarm lets you know. While it may not feel right invading this person’s privacy, just imagine how you would feel if they fell over and lay undiscovered for hours.

As you can see, residential security encompasses much more than a mere burglar alarm. It enables you to provide protection 24 hours a day to your family or your business. No longer are you constrained by the separation of travel. By working with an Auckland security company, they will take care of the 24/7 monitoring for you so you can get on with your busy life.

The leading security service in Auckland is Global Security Ltd who can provide end-to-end security systems and service ranging from initial consultation for your specific needs, through installation, monitoring and first-responder security patrols. If you have any concerns about your residential security for your home, give Global a call or visit their website.

NZ Alarm Security Systems

Alarm Security Systems; Home and Commercial

If you know how to properly install, use, and maintain a security alarm system, you can certainly increase the safety and protection of your family. This is obviously a major concern for most people. It is highly likely that a house or commercial building that does not have an alarm system is going to be targeted by burglars and intruders. There are many reports from all over the world including New Zealand which confirm this probability.

Types of alarms in NZ

There are various types of alarm system available in New Zealand. The most frequently installed are to prevent fires and deter intruders, but some other alarm applications are becoming widely used in NZ.

Fire and burglar alarms have been used for a long time but it is surprising how many people still do not have them set-up in their homes or offices. This is even more surprising when you learn that insurance companies will often reduce their premiums for buildings that have them installed. And it pays to remember that a burglar or fire alarm operates around the clock, protecting your family or premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Among the newer applications of alarm are medical alarm systems. These can include such things as personal medical alarms so that if a person is subjected to an injury, a fall or a medical emergency, then they can press a so-called “panic button” which will alert the first responder medical services.

This type of alarm is increasingly being used by the elderly in rest homes, retirement villages and their own private home. They provide a degree of reassurance for family members who cannot watch their elderly relatives round the clock.

Another type of medical alarm is a portable, wireless alarm which people can carry around with them when they go out. These are especially useful for people who are at risk of a severe medical emergency such as a heart condition.

How do alarms operate?


Alarm monitoring - image leadersecurity

Alarm monitoring – image leadersecurity

Alarm systems can work alone as in the case of many intruder or fire alarms. They simply operate with a loud siren which it is hoped will alert neighbours to call the emergency services or to deter would-be intruders. We have all heard the loud noise from an alarm that has been set-off. Unfortunately, since we are so used to these false alarms and that most times they are set-off due to a fault, people tend to ignore them so in reality these alarms are not much protection at all.

A better approach is to have an alarm monitoring company responsible for it. Remote alarm systems are linked to a phone line which is routed to the monitoring service. If a sensor is triggered or the signal is broken, then an alert is sent to the monitoring staff.

This means that the signal will be responded to either by sending an automatic alert tot eh fire or police, or the alarm company may have mobile security patrols.

Another benefit is that if the connection is broken, rather than ringing out and disturbing the neighbourhood, the alarm company can detect the cause of the break and have it fixed.

Back-up protection for alarm systems

Most alarms are battery operated. Batteries have a limited life so if the battery does stop providing power, then secondary power sources can be activated. Alternative mobile signals can be automatically set into play in the event that your power mode or even the phone connection do not function properly.

This last feature is especially useful if a burglar cuts off the telephone line thinking it disable the alarm system. However, when they signal to the phone line is broken a mobile alert is sent to the monitoring centre.

Addition security alarm features

Some alarm systems also incorporate video surveillance cameras. These can view the area that is to be protected such as doors, windows or perimeter fences. The video signals from these can also be monitored at the same security company so you get even greater protection.

Wireless alarms and video security cameras

In the past these devices were generally hardwired into the power and phone system as we noted above. But more often these days, alarm systems are available in wireless form. The modernisation of NZ wireless security alarms also means that a lot more censors can be installed and more easily monitored.

Installing and monitoring alarm systems

NZ security alarmsWhile it seems relatively easy to install a security alarm, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in reality it is much more difficult to get a complete security blanket coverage on your premises.

Electricians can install the system for sure, but they are not experts in security issues. So for complete reassurance, it is sensible to call in an expert security alarm company. One of the biggest in Auckland is Global Security Systems.

They have security consultants who can advise on the extent and type of alarm devices you need, they install, commission and maintain the service plus they provide alarm monitoring and mobile security patrol guards.

If you need a security alarm system, contact Global or go to their website

CCTV For 24 Hours Commercial Surveillance

CCTV For 24 Hours Commercial Surveillance

It is widely known that a CCTV camera is beneficial for businesses and retail stores in preventing theft, vandalism and other criminal activities. A business owner or the security staff can keep an eye on suspicious customers or even employees looking to stuff their pockets with the company’s goods without paying for them. Businesses can prevent losses to their bottom line by simply investing in an affordable CCTV security system.

By mounting a CCTV camera outside of your office such as in the parking lot or in the entrance, you are able to monitor all those people going into and out of your business. At the time you may not be aware that a particular person is an undesirable but later it may become apparent that something may have been stolen or damaged. By going through the video footage of the CCTV camera, you can identify possible guilty parties.

Another benefit of surveillance systems is that a business owner can monitor the activity of their staff on the boss’s absence. This can range from ensuring staff are actually working to more serious matters like pilfering.

It has also been found that surveillance increases the professionalism and productivity of staff. Staff not only behave better they also work harder.

Another internal benefit of CCTV cameras is in monitoring any harassment and bullying activity. These two issues have always been problematic in the workplace but are increasingly in the public eye so companies do not want to be associated with such activities.

Choosing the right CCTV system for 24 hour surveillance security in commercial situations is not easy. Anyone who is researching this market should keep a few important things in mind, while planning to install CCTV security system in a commercial setting:

  • Choose a CCTV system which is suitable to the lighting conditions of your office or the external position so as you can get best outputs. For example, if the inside environment of your office is darker, you should go for a LED based CCTV camera or infrared based CCTV camera system. On the other hand, if your settings include strong light transmissions such as dark to light transmission, it will be a wise decision to choose WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) CCTV camera.
  • Warehouse ceiling areas require cameras with powerful lenses to reach into the far recesses of the large space. So, it will be wise for a warehouse owner to choose Varifocal lenses based CCTV commercial camera.
  • For a security system for outdoor activities, it is important to choose waterproof or weatherproof CCTV cameras so as to capture clear videos in any weather or designed to withstand with environmental humidity, dust, heat, etc. They also need to be able to react to changes in light.
  • There are many high powered CCTV systems available in the today’s market. Hence, a business owner should look for such system with other additional feature like the motion detector, face recognition, IP network camera, web-enabled smart-phone compatibility, warning alarms and many others.
  • You should also examine the other important features like video resolution, frame rate and video compression before placing an order for a commercial CCTV security system.
Pan tilt camera

Pan tilt camera – image

It is obvious that commercial grade security is important to almost any business whether to prevent losses from theft or to protect staff. Owners or managers need to do some research in advance given the complexity of the industry. You can do this by reading reviews of existing users, researching online or perhaps the easiest option is to simply call a CCTV installer or better still, an all-round security services company. They will give you suggestions about what type of CCTV surveillance system would suit your commercial requirements better. This will save you hours of research and also ensure you are up-to-date with the best equipment for your particular application.

Auckland businesses can contact Global Security systems who provide not only the physical cameras and installation but they also have 24hour camera monitoring facilities. Their website has details.

Getting A Good Security Alarm Monitoring Service


A security alarm monitoring service is safety precaution taken to protect premises. While some are simple, acting as alert mechanism to warn you of intruders or ward them off, other are sophisticated able to alert the relevant local security authorities of any suspicious activities. We all need around eight hours of sleep and when we are awake, we are busy for most of the day and part of night. Most the hours are spent away from the home during the day and away from the office during the night. With cases of burglary and break-ins taking place round the clock, it is vital to have a surveillance system or service that runs 24/7.

Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring – Image leadersecurity

The advancements in technology over the years have given rise to a crop of security gadgets and services that can work autonomously with the ability to note suspicious activities. They can also deduce the situation and take the appropriate measures to mitigate the situation or even apprehend the suspect. While burglary may take the front seat, other issues like fires and other disasters can also be monitored using the security alarm monitoring services. Such sophistication is usually labelled as pricey, but that is not always the case. You can get a security alarm monitoring service or even a DIY security system at a cheap price. The options are vast and you can search for them locally or go online to see which will be ideal security service for your home or office.

A Trustworthy Security Alarm Monitoring Provider

It is therefore important to ensure you find a reliable alarm provider. Although the provider will not physically fight off intruders who are out to harm your family or steal your valued possessions, it can alert the authority in your place of residency about the incident and have their patrol car sent over immediately to handle the situation. Additionally an off-site monitoring service focuses on possible routes of escape and entry. It may however not be a cheap security measure since there are monthly service charges but you are guaranteed greater protection 24/7 and immediate response to any emergency. But we need to consider what is cheap or expensive. With high crime rates and other antisocial behaviour, a break0in by intruders would cost you far more than paying for a well-equipped security system designed by professionals.Alarm pad

Off-site Alarm Monitoring

Off-site alarm monitoring should never be overlooked. It is not just to give possible entry routes to the security personal when they are on site, but also escape routes for those inside the premises for example when dealing with disaster cases like fire. Those in the house will have an escape route which may also act as the entry route for the fire-fighters to gain access into the building and aid those stranded inside.

The Associated Costs

It may sound like a costly affair but it is not worth anything putting a price on your own safety and that of your family and property. Yes, installation and maintenance of a security alarm monitoring services system may be expensive especially if it runs round the clock 24/7. However, it would be more costly to have to address the situation after you have being robbed or your property destroyed by a disaster such as a fire. Avoid such financial hefty situations by getting a good security alert service system.

Get To Know The Security System

It pays to know the kind of security monitoring system installed. In fact, you should insist on being taken through the use and functions of the system when it is being installed by the security alarm monitoring service provider you hire. A few things you need to know include:

  • whether it is a wired or a wireless system.
  • the number of cameras and motion sensors installed
  • where each is placed within the premises.
  • how to run the system and
  • how to monitor the data and images record.

When you have had your operational training it will be easy for you to manage your security system on your premises. This means that you should have very few false alarms when it is operating. The alarm monitoring service should also have a feedback mechanism which will alert them if there is a fault in the system but your on-site best-practice will keep errors to a minimum.

It is not easy to select a good alarm monitoring provider as there are so many operators. Many of them are subsidiaries of foreign companies. However, one that is wholly-owned in NZ is Global Security Ltd. They operate across the country out of their Auckland alarm monitoring centre. Their website has more details about their complete security services.

What You Should Know About CCTV Security Systems For Commercial Uses

When it comes to CCTV security systems, you might think it’s enough to have a simple CCTV camera and TV installed, however, the truth is that different establishments have different needs, thus making it necessary to have security systems with different options.


Dome Security Camera – Image

If you do some research and look at websites that sell security cameras, you will see that aside from CCTV security systems, they also offer DVR or Digital Video Recording surveillance systems, among others. You will see that there are different types of security cameras too – from dome cameras to bullet cameras.

Who needs a CCTV security system anyway? Practically anyone who owns a business needs one. We all know that whatever state the economy is in, whether it’s a high or low one, there will always be people who steal just because they can and just because they want to.

Some CCTV security system companies have actually built systems catered to different types of business including:

*   Retail shopping centers

Theft is always bad for business, no matter if it’s done by an employee or a customer. People are less likely to steal if they know there is high level security in the mall recording their actions. However, if something does happen, a security camera will help the police identify the culprit. In addition, if you install cameras in your storage area, it would be much more difficult for your employees to shrink your inventory by carrying out your stuff without permission. This applies not only to saleable merchandise but also office consumables too.

*   Medical facilities

You might think that large medical facilities like hospitals are safe but actually crimes can and does happen. This is because such areas are large and the buildings are sometimes spread out. Some crimes that could happen are theft and child abduction. It is not uncommon for patients to assault nursing staff especially on Saturday nights. However, by using a security camera with built-in IP technology, you can link all your security cameras together, even if your buildings are spread over a large area.

*     Warehouses

Warehouses are often vulnerable to vandalism because they are so large and located in quiet areas of town. Few people travel light industrial areas at night so it is an ideal environment for potential thieves. However, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by installing high-quality CCTV security cameras that are mounted on the building. This provides a strong deterrent to opportunist criminals.

Warehouses also suffer lot of theft by staff and delivery people. Again, if you have highly visible surveillance cameras at loading bays and receiving docks, you are protecting your valuable stock.

In this way security cameras at warehouses can also be used to settle disputes related to insurance.

*   School campuses

Schools have evolved for the worse with many students buying and selling drugs during the day and tagging the premises at night. Plus we have read in the press about violence by students to teachers and fellow students. However, installing a DVR surveillance system will deter students from being so brazen with their activities. If their actions are being recorded there can be no doubt that they will be dealt with accordingly. Also, when something does happen, the police will be assisted in their investigation. In other words, security cameras make school safe for employees, teachers and students alike.

*   What is good value for a CCTV security system?

Swivel Pro-box security camera

Swivel Pro-box security camera – Image

When it comes to buying a CCTV security, low price does not necessarily mean low quality. But on the other hand, a low price does not mean good value.

Certainly people can save cash by looking for cheap CCTV cameras but there are hidden costs with that since it requires a lot of time and effort. Few people have the luxury of being able to thoroughly research a complex industry such as the CCTV sector.

In addition to the purchase there is the issue of installation. Some people will contact an electrician to install surveillance cameras but there is much more to a well installed and operating security camera system than merely electrical connections. For example, the sight-lines of the cameras must be well understood so that they give the optimum protection.

*   Are there any other costs for operating a CCTV security system?

But buying and installing CCTV cameras is only two out of three key steps. Unless CCTV cameras are monitored they are useless. To be truly effective especially in more sensitive or vulnerable situations, the cameras need to be watched by experienced operatives who can detect anything untoward. They can then alert mobile security guards or response patrols who can go to the premises to make further investigations.

For some background on one of the security companies in Auckland, you can go to this site and read about Global Security. They provide security consulting services, supply CCTV security systems including the cameras plus fire or burglar alarms, provide 24-hour monitoring and also have their own security patrols. They are one of the very few fully integrated security companies in New Zealand.



Ten Questions About Security Systems For Commercial Situations

Not surprisingly business owners and managers are often confused when they think about how to protect and secure their company. There are so many different technologies, brands and suppliers to consider. This article considers some of the more common questions people ask about commercial security systems although it does not address computer related security.

Security camera monitoring

Security Camera Monitoring – Image

1 Which type of security system should I use?

This is the first point of confusion since there are many different types of security system. These range from surveillance cameras to protect against intruders, shoplifters and internal theft. This is good for gathering evidence should it be necessary. Other technologies like infra-red can set off an alarm if they detect motion or changes in heat emanating from a body. Then there are burglar alarms which alert security staff if a perimeter is broken for example a window or door.

Within each product category there numerous manufacturers offering various standards in quality, capability and price which adds to the complexity.

And at a local level companies have various options for sourcing and installing the security devices.

2 Does my security provide adequate protection?

Existing security components may be adequate but there are a few concerns.

Firstly, the technology may be out of date and therefore not provide the protection you need.

Secondly, the current security equipment may not be functioning properly any more. As with all equipment, the various devices have a limited working life. It is best to have your security equipment checked to see if it still provides the level of risk protection your business needs.

3 Where to install the security equipment?

Once you have researched the market for different types of security device and have made your purchase, the next big question is where to install the different pieces of equipment. It is important to have them located in the right places to give you the protection you are looking for. This is not a simple task as you need to be able to cover the likely and unlikely points of entry, make sure any CCTV cameras are unobstructed, and that you can monitor the responses from the components.

Dome surveillance camera

Dome surveillance camera – Image

4 How to install security cameras and alarms?

Some people choose to take the DIY route and research the different technologies, find the right brand and then install the equipment themselves. This is probably OK for an operation like a small shop but for a bigger application then it is going to be expensive in time to understand, install and test your security devices. Then there is no guarantee that they will work correctly.

It is highly advisable to call in a security company that can handle the installation and testing for you. This way you will be protected by security systems that meet your needs.

5 What about ongoing monitoring?

Clearly simply installing a security system is not going to give you complete protection against intruders. For a security system to be fully operational there must be someone monitoring the alarms or visual devices for signs of intruders.

However, this requires staff which is often too expensive for many businesses. Therefore an alarm monitoring company which operates round-the-clock will be the best solution. They can be hired for 24/7 monitoring or for specific hours you request.

If there is a break-in they will either alert the police or may have their own security patrols which can quickly respond to the alert to make further investigations.

6 How can I be sure security devices are functioning?

Obviously it is important that each part of your security system is working at all times. This can be a time-intensive job if you do not have the correct systems in place. A professional security company will have the right testing equipment and will often have alerts in their monitoring centre if a component stops working.

7 How much maintenance do I need?

This will depend on the application, the technology and the operating environment. Regular servicing of security systems will reduce the amount of maintenance. A security firm will probably have a service and maintenance option in their contract. This can save you a lot of time and money plus ensure your security systems are fully operational.

8 Who should I get to install my security system?

Many companies hire an electrician to set-up security systems. This is an option but an electrician is probably not fully informed about the most recent advances in the security industry.

So while they may be able to install some security systems they are unlikely to know which will be the best devices for your situation

Further they will not be able to provide monitoring services so you will have to pay an additional fee for your monitoring company to check the installation before they can take on your monitoring service.

9 What is the cost of commercial security?

This depends on many factors and will be different for each case. The amount and type of security devices you need will of course be a major factor. The size of your establishment and the difficulty in installing the security system will be other issues.

10 I want to check on my staff – is this possible?

You can easily monitor your staff when you are out of the building. You can have CCTV cameras installed in key locations and the videos fed back to your lap-top. However, for this to be effective you need to be watching the screens throughout the day. That is a costly activity.

A better option is to have a security CCTV camera monitoring company handle this for you


Installing and using security systems in a commercial setting is complicated but in essence there are three main choices:

  • The DIY option where you research, purchase, install, monitor and maintain yourself.
  • The hybrid option where you research, purchase and hire an installation company or
  • The most-cost effective option and go to an expert security company who can advise on the most suitable devices and brands for your needs. They will also handle the installation, monitoring and after-care.

For an expert commercial security company in Auckland, Global Security has a good reputation. They are a full security services provider including security audits, consultancy, supplying, installing, monitoring and servicing any security system. There is more information on this site.

All About Security Guards

A security guard is a person who patrols buildings, fences and other areas to protect property, people or assets. They usually are employed privately and come from the ranks of civilian personnel. Mostly they wear uniforms and keep high visibility to deter people from committing inappropriate or illegal actions. They also observe warning signs of fire, crime or disorder, either through patrols or by watching video cameras or alarm systems. When something happens, they report incidents to the client as well as emergency services.

Security Guard

Security Guard – Image summitpatrol

In the past, security guards were known as watchmen, a term that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages in Europe. The term came to the New World, where it was interchangeable with the term “night-watchman” until the security-based titles took precedence. Some regard security guards as though they carry out a private sort of policing.

A lot of proprietary security companies and firms use the “detect, deter, observe and report” model. Security officers do not have to arrest miscreants, but they do have the power to carry out citizen’s arrests or act as a quasi law enforcement agent in other circumstances. They will often work with or assist police officers.

In general terms, though, the primary duty of a private security guard is to prevent and deter crime. By enforcing approved rules, security guards have the power to protect property and lives, and indeed they frequently have the contractual duty to do so. On top of basic deterrence, security guards often also have training in such specialized duties as control and arrest, including the use of handcuffs and restraints, first aid, CPR, operation of emergency equipment, taking detailed notes and performing other tasks for their client.

Security guards or patrol officers in New Zealand are not allowed to carry armed weapons when they carry out their duty. In fact, they are not allowed to carry any weapons even truncheons.

Security is a growing field all around the world as crime rises and police forces become more stretched with their resources. There are many crimes where the law enforcement departments are not able to respond such as petty break-ins and small robberies. They tend to be more focused on violent crimes. It is this lack of resources that has contributed to the rise in private security guards and firms.

One primary reason for hiring security guards to patrol your premises is that insurers often give discounted rates to people with security patrols. If your home, factory or office building has a 24-hour presence, the discount is often even larger.

However, while a break-in can be expensive to repair and restore, it is always a major headache and can be very upsetting for your staff and family members. This can be an even bigger cost than the financial outlay of the damage or physical loss.

So for peace of mind and increased protection of your premises, talk to your business partners to see whether hiring security guards is the right idea for you. For more information, click here. This is a leading Auckland security guard company who provide protection to many companies and organizations around the city.

They have many first response patrols operating round the clock so that if there is any alert at your premises, they can quickly be on your site. This can be for a fire alarm as well as for intruders although clearly the Fire Service will respond to any fire alert. However, if there is a breakage in the perimeter fence around your factory, warehouse or facilities, then rather than calling out the police, a security guard can easily get to your location and check if there is an animal or a person that is crossing the protective boundary.