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All About Security Guards

A security guard is a person who patrols buildings, fences and other areas to protect property, people or assets. They usually are employed privately and come from the ranks of civilian personnel. Mostly they wear uniforms and keep high visibility to deter people from committing inappropriate or illegal actions. They also observe warning signs of fire, crime or disorder, either through patrols or by watching video cameras or alarm systems. When something happens, they report incidents to the client as well as emergency services.

Security Guard

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In the past, security guards were known as watchmen, a term that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages in Europe. The term came to the New World, where it was interchangeable with the term “night-watchman” until the security-based titles took precedence. Some regard security guards as though they carry out a private sort of policing.

A lot of proprietary security companies and firms use the “detect, deter, observe and report” model. Security officers do not have to arrest miscreants, but they do have the power to carry out citizen’s arrests or act as a quasi law enforcement agent in other circumstances. They will often work with or assist police officers.

In general terms, though, the primary duty of a private security guard is to prevent and deter crime. By enforcing approved rules, security guards have the power to protect property and lives, and indeed they frequently have the contractual duty to do so. On top of basic deterrence, security guards often also have training in such specialized duties as control and arrest, including the use of handcuffs and restraints, first aid, CPR, operation of emergency equipment, taking detailed notes and performing other tasks for their client.

Security guards or patrol officers in New Zealand are not allowed to carry armed weapons when they carry out their duty. In fact, they are not allowed to carry any weapons even truncheons.

Security is a growing field all around the world as crime rises and police forces become more stretched with their resources. There are many crimes where the law enforcement departments are not able to respond such as petty break-ins and small robberies. They tend to be more focused on violent crimes. It is this lack of resources that has contributed to the rise in private security guards and firms.

One primary reason for hiring security guards to patrol your premises is that insurers often give discounted rates to people with security patrols. If your home, factory or office building has a 24-hour presence, the discount is often even larger.

However, while a break-in can be expensive to repair and restore, it is always a major headache and can be very upsetting for your staff and family members. This can be an even bigger cost than the financial outlay of the damage or physical loss.

So for peace of mind and increased protection of your premises, talk to your business partners to see whether hiring security guards is the right idea for you. For more information, click here. This is a leading Auckland security guard company who provide protection to many companies and organizations around the city.

They have many first response patrols operating round the clock so that if there is any alert at your premises, they can quickly be on your site. This can be for a fire alarm as well as for intruders although clearly the Fire Service will respond to any fire alert. However, if there is a breakage in the perimeter fence around your factory, warehouse or facilities, then rather than calling out the police, a security guard can easily get to your location and check if there is an animal or a person that is crossing the protective boundary.