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Ten Questions About Security Systems For Commercial Situations

Not surprisingly business owners and managers are often confused when they think about how to protect and secure their company. There are so many different technologies, brands and suppliers to consider. This article considers some of the more common questions people ask about commercial security systems although it does not address computer related security.

Security camera monitoring

Security Camera Monitoring – Image

1 Which type of security system should I use?

This is the first point of confusion since there are many different types of security system. These range from surveillance cameras to protect against intruders, shoplifters and internal theft. This is good for gathering evidence should it be necessary. Other technologies like infra-red can set off an alarm if they detect motion or changes in heat emanating from a body. Then there are burglar alarms which alert security staff if a perimeter is broken for example a window or door.

Within each product category there numerous manufacturers offering various standards in quality, capability and price which adds to the complexity.

And at a local level companies have various options for sourcing and installing the security devices.

2 Does my security provide adequate protection?

Existing security components may be adequate but there are a few concerns.

Firstly, the technology may be out of date and therefore not provide the protection you need.

Secondly, the current security equipment may not be functioning properly any more. As with all equipment, the various devices have a limited working life. It is best to have your security equipment checked to see if it still provides the level of risk protection your business needs.

3 Where to install the security equipment?

Once you have researched the market for different types of security device and have made your purchase, the next big question is where to install the different pieces of equipment. It is important to have them located in the right places to give you the protection you are looking for. This is not a simple task as you need to be able to cover the likely and unlikely points of entry, make sure any CCTV cameras are unobstructed, and that you can monitor the responses from the components.

Dome surveillance camera

Dome surveillance camera – Image

4 How to install security cameras and alarms?

Some people choose to take the DIY route and research the different technologies, find the right brand and then install the equipment themselves. This is probably OK for an operation like a small shop but for a bigger application then it is going to be expensive in time to understand, install and test your security devices. Then there is no guarantee that they will work correctly.

It is highly advisable to call in a security company that can handle the installation and testing for you. This way you will be protected by security systems that meet your needs.

5 What about ongoing monitoring?

Clearly simply installing a security system is not going to give you complete protection against intruders. For a security system to be fully operational there must be someone monitoring the alarms or visual devices for signs of intruders.

However, this requires staff which is often too expensive for many businesses. Therefore an alarm monitoring company which operates round-the-clock will be the best solution. They can be hired for 24/7 monitoring or for specific hours you request.

If there is a break-in they will either alert the police or may have their own security patrols which can quickly respond to the alert to make further investigations.

6 How can I be sure security devices are functioning?

Obviously it is important that each part of your security system is working at all times. This can be a time-intensive job if you do not have the correct systems in place. A professional security company will have the right testing equipment and will often have alerts in their monitoring centre if a component stops working.

7 How much maintenance do I need?

This will depend on the application, the technology and the operating environment. Regular servicing of security systems will reduce the amount of maintenance. A security firm will probably have a service and maintenance option in their contract. This can save you a lot of time and money plus ensure your security systems are fully operational.

8 Who should I get to install my security system?

Many companies hire an electrician to set-up security systems. This is an option but an electrician is probably not fully informed about the most recent advances in the security industry.

So while they may be able to install some security systems they are unlikely to know which will be the best devices for your situation

Further they will not be able to provide monitoring services so you will have to pay an additional fee for your monitoring company to check the installation before they can take on your monitoring service.

9 What is the cost of commercial security?

This depends on many factors and will be different for each case. The amount and type of security devices you need will of course be a major factor. The size of your establishment and the difficulty in installing the security system will be other issues.

10 I want to check on my staff – is this possible?

You can easily monitor your staff when you are out of the building. You can have CCTV cameras installed in key locations and the videos fed back to your lap-top. However, for this to be effective you need to be watching the screens throughout the day. That is a costly activity.

A better option is to have a security CCTV camera monitoring company handle this for you


Installing and using security systems in a commercial setting is complicated but in essence there are three main choices:

  • The DIY option where you research, purchase, install, monitor and maintain yourself.
  • The hybrid option where you research, purchase and hire an installation company or
  • The most-cost effective option and go to an expert security company who can advise on the most suitable devices and brands for your needs. They will also handle the installation, monitoring and after-care.

For an expert commercial security company in Auckland, Global Security has a good reputation. They are a full security services provider including security audits, consultancy, supplying, installing, monitoring and servicing any security system. There is more information on this site.