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What You Should Know About CCTV Security Systems For Commercial Uses

When it comes to CCTV security systems, you might think it’s enough to have a simple CCTV camera and TV installed, however, the truth is that different establishments have different needs, thus making it necessary to have security systems with different options.


Dome Security Camera – Image

If you do some research and look at websites that sell security cameras, you will see that aside from CCTV security systems, they also offer DVR or Digital Video Recording surveillance systems, among others. You will see that there are different types of security cameras too – from dome cameras to bullet cameras.

Who needs a CCTV security system anyway? Practically anyone who owns a business needs one. We all know that whatever state the economy is in, whether it’s a high or low one, there will always be people who steal just because they can and just because they want to.

Some CCTV security system companies have actually built systems catered to different types of business including:

*   Retail shopping centers

Theft is always bad for business, no matter if it’s done by an employee or a customer. People are less likely to steal if they know there is high level security in the mall recording their actions. However, if something does happen, a security camera will help the police identify the culprit. In addition, if you install cameras in your storage area, it would be much more difficult for your employees to shrink your inventory by carrying out your stuff without permission. This applies not only to saleable merchandise but also office consumables too.

*   Medical facilities

You might think that large medical facilities like hospitals are safe but actually crimes can and does happen. This is because such areas are large and the buildings are sometimes spread out. Some crimes that could happen are theft and child abduction. It is not uncommon for patients to assault nursing staff especially on Saturday nights. However, by using a security camera with built-in IP technology, you can link all your security cameras together, even if your buildings are spread over a large area.

*     Warehouses

Warehouses are often vulnerable to vandalism because they are so large and located in quiet areas of town. Few people travel light industrial areas at night so it is an ideal environment for potential thieves. However, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by installing high-quality CCTV security cameras that are mounted on the building. This provides a strong deterrent to opportunist criminals.

Warehouses also suffer lot of theft by staff and delivery people. Again, if you have highly visible surveillance cameras at loading bays and receiving docks, you are protecting your valuable stock.

In this way security cameras at warehouses can also be used to settle disputes related to insurance.

*   School campuses

Schools have evolved for the worse with many students buying and selling drugs during the day and tagging the premises at night. Plus we have read in the press about violence by students to teachers and fellow students. However, installing a DVR surveillance system will deter students from being so brazen with their activities. If their actions are being recorded there can be no doubt that they will be dealt with accordingly. Also, when something does happen, the police will be assisted in their investigation. In other words, security cameras make school safe for employees, teachers and students alike.

*   What is good value for a CCTV security system?

Swivel Pro-box security camera

Swivel Pro-box security camera – Image

When it comes to buying a CCTV security, low price does not necessarily mean low quality. But on the other hand, a low price does not mean good value.

Certainly people can save cash by looking for cheap CCTV cameras but there are hidden costs with that since it requires a lot of time and effort. Few people have the luxury of being able to thoroughly research a complex industry such as the CCTV sector.

In addition to the purchase there is the issue of installation. Some people will contact an electrician to install surveillance cameras but there is much more to a well installed and operating security camera system than merely electrical connections. For example, the sight-lines of the cameras must be well understood so that they give the optimum protection.

*   Are there any other costs for operating a CCTV security system?

But buying and installing CCTV cameras is only two out of three key steps. Unless CCTV cameras are monitored they are useless. To be truly effective especially in more sensitive or vulnerable situations, the cameras need to be watched by experienced operatives who can detect anything untoward. They can then alert mobile security guards or response patrols who can go to the premises to make further investigations.

For some background on one of the security companies in Auckland, you can go to this site and read about Global Security. They provide security consulting services, supply CCTV security systems including the cameras plus fire or burglar alarms, provide 24-hour monitoring and also have their own security patrols. They are one of the very few fully integrated security companies in New Zealand.