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Alarm Security Systems; Home and Commercial

If you know how to properly install, use, and maintain a security alarm system, you can certainly increase the safety and protection of your family. This is obviously a major concern for most people. It is highly likely that a house or commercial building that does not have an alarm system is going to be targeted by burglars and intruders. There are many reports from all over the world including New Zealand which confirm this probability.

Types of alarms in NZ

There are various types of alarm system available in New Zealand. The most frequently installed are to prevent fires and deter intruders, but some other alarm applications are becoming widely used in NZ.

Fire and burglar alarms have been used for a long time but it is surprising how many people still do not have them set-up in their homes or offices. This is even more surprising when you learn that insurance companies will often reduce their premiums for buildings that have them installed. And it pays to remember that a burglar or fire alarm operates around the clock, protecting your family or premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Among the newer applications of alarm are medical alarm systems. These can include such things as personal medical alarms so that if a person is subjected to an injury, a fall or a medical emergency, then they can press a so-called “panic button” which will alert the first responder medical services.

This type of alarm is increasingly being used by the elderly in rest homes, retirement villages and their own private home. They provide a degree of reassurance for family members who cannot watch their elderly relatives round the clock.

Another type of medical alarm is a portable, wireless alarm which people can carry around with them when they go out. These are especially useful for people who are at risk of a severe medical emergency such as a heart condition.

How do alarms operate?


Alarm monitoring - image leadersecurity

Alarm monitoring – image leadersecurity

Alarm systems can work alone as in the case of many intruder or fire alarms. They simply operate with a loud siren which it is hoped will alert neighbours to call the emergency services or to deter would-be intruders. We have all heard the loud noise from an alarm that has been set-off. Unfortunately, since we are so used to these false alarms and that most times they are set-off due to a fault, people tend to ignore them so in reality these alarms are not much protection at all.

A better approach is to have an alarm monitoring company responsible for it. Remote alarm systems are linked to a phone line which is routed to the monitoring service. If a sensor is triggered or the signal is broken, then an alert is sent to the monitoring staff.

This means that the signal will be responded to either by sending an automatic alert tot eh fire or police, or the alarm company may have mobile security patrols.

Another benefit is that if the connection is broken, rather than ringing out and disturbing the neighbourhood, the alarm company can detect the cause of the break and have it fixed.

Back-up protection for alarm systems

Most alarms are battery operated. Batteries have a limited life so if the battery does stop providing power, then secondary power sources can be activated. Alternative mobile signals can be automatically set into play in the event that your power mode or even the phone connection do not function properly.

This last feature is especially useful if a burglar cuts off the telephone line thinking it disable the alarm system. However, when they signal to the phone line is broken a mobile alert is sent to the monitoring centre.

Addition security alarm features

Some alarm systems also incorporate video surveillance cameras. These can view the area that is to be protected such as doors, windows or perimeter fences. The video signals from these can also be monitored at the same security company so you get even greater protection.

Wireless alarms and video security cameras

In the past these devices were generally hardwired into the power and phone system as we noted above. But more often these days, alarm systems are available in wireless form. The modernisation of NZ wireless security alarms also means that a lot more censors can be installed and more easily monitored.

Installing and monitoring alarm systems

NZ security alarmsWhile it seems relatively easy to install a security alarm, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in reality it is much more difficult to get a complete security blanket coverage on your premises.

Electricians can install the system for sure, but they are not experts in security issues. So for complete reassurance, it is sensible to call in an expert security alarm company. One of the biggest in Auckland is Global Security Systems.

They have security consultants who can advise on the extent and type of alarm devices you need, they install, commission and maintain the service plus they provide alarm monitoring and mobile security patrol guards.

If you need a security alarm system, contact Global or go to their website