CCTV For 24 Hours Commercial Surveillance

CCTV For 24 Hours Commercial Surveillance

It is widely known that a CCTV camera is beneficial for businesses and retail stores in preventing theft, vandalism and other criminal activities. A business owner or the security staff can keep an eye on suspicious customers or even employees looking to stuff their pockets with the company’s goods without paying for them. Businesses can prevent losses to their bottom line by simply investing in an affordable CCTV security system.

By mounting a CCTV camera outside of your office such as in the parking lot or in the entrance, you are able to monitor all those people going into and out of your business. At the time you may not be aware that a particular person is an undesirable but later it may become apparent that something may have been stolen or damaged. By going through the video footage of the CCTV camera, you can identify possible guilty parties.

Another benefit of surveillance systems is that a business owner can monitor the activity of their staff on the boss’s absence. This can range from ensuring staff are actually working to more serious matters like pilfering.

It has also been found that surveillance increases the professionalism and productivity of staff. Staff not only behave better they also work harder.

Another internal benefit of CCTV cameras is in monitoring any harassment and bullying activity. These two issues have always been problematic in the workplace but are increasingly in the public eye so companies do not want to be associated with such activities.

Choosing the right CCTV system for 24 hour surveillance security in commercial situations is not easy. Anyone who is researching this market should keep a few important things in mind, while planning to install CCTV security system in a commercial setting:

  • Choose a CCTV system which is suitable to the lighting conditions of your office or the external position so as you can get best outputs. For example, if the inside environment of your office is darker, you should go for a LED based CCTV camera or infrared based CCTV camera system. On the other hand, if your settings include strong light transmissions such as dark to light transmission, it will be a wise decision to choose WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) CCTV camera.
  • Warehouse ceiling areas require cameras with powerful lenses to reach into the far recesses of the large space. So, it will be wise for a warehouse owner to choose Varifocal lenses based CCTV commercial camera.
  • For a security system for outdoor activities, it is important to choose waterproof or weatherproof CCTV cameras so as to capture clear videos in any weather or designed to withstand with environmental humidity, dust, heat, etc. They also need to be able to react to changes in light.
  • There are many high powered CCTV systems available in the today’s market. Hence, a business owner should look for such system with other additional feature like the motion detector, face recognition, IP network camera, web-enabled smart-phone compatibility, warning alarms and many others.
  • You should also examine the other important features like video resolution, frame rate and video compression before placing an order for a commercial CCTV security system.
Pan tilt camera

Pan tilt camera – image

It is obvious that commercial grade security is important to almost any business whether to prevent losses from theft or to protect staff. Owners or managers need to do some research in advance given the complexity of the industry. You can do this by reading reviews of existing users, researching online or perhaps the easiest option is to simply call a CCTV installer or better still, an all-round security services company. They will give you suggestions about what type of CCTV surveillance system would suit your commercial requirements better. This will save you hours of research and also ensure you are up-to-date with the best equipment for your particular application.

Auckland businesses can contact Global Security systems who provide not only the physical cameras and installation but they also have 24hour camera monitoring facilities. Their website has details.

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